Excursion for Top
Class to Historical

Robin Yamaguchi

2 October 2016

A notable historical site call Fort Patiko lies not too many kilometers from our school, so since it’s part of the curriculum, we arrange an excursion to learn the history each year.
Our top class wrote a lot of notes in their books since there were so many interesting elements. As they climb, you can see 3 storage rooms built by Arabs during the slaving times.
The fort has some very large man-made caves amidst the large rock outcropping, which was used for the slaves to be held-this is the women’s cave. Tragically any who tried to run away did so at their own risk as lions and hyena frequented the surroundings. The fittest slaves were made to walk all the way to Cairo.
In the 1840s Sir Samuel Baker used the Fort as his base when he came to Uganda representing the Germans. Our young people learned a lot, being able to explore the rich and often tragic history that surrounded this spot.