Our Wonderful Staff
at the School

Robin Yamaguchi

19 March 2016

Our hard working staff of teachers is a key to the children feeling well-cared for. Most children have hardly even heard English when they join us, many have had extremely difficult lives so far, and most haven’t learnt even basics of life such as bathing, toilet care, sanitary living, not to mention kind interaction with others. It means the teachers’ jobs are more than doubled. We are so grateful for each one!
We love the concept of Teamworking as each teacher brings very valuable elements to the table and each one has a range of talents and insights we appreciate and need.
We have a large staff apart from the teachers and here you see our amazing Matrons Nancy and Filder who care for the children closely every night. You can see these photos were taken during our annual dry season, when we build bricks and fix grass thatched roofing. It lasts for 2 months, then the rest of the time it’s rich and green.
Teachers moving from classrooms as the bell rings for break and class change.