Ik Tribe Students
Joining Us Again

Robin Yamaguchi

19 March 2016

11 years ago, we were involved in a team which took hand-cranked tape recorders with Bible stories in the Ik language up to the extreme north east of Uganda. This tribe had never heard these stories in their own language. The Bible stories meant a great deal to them and we formed a bond that lasted and grew since then.
At the request of the elders, we had 12 wonderful Ik pupils at our school last year. Because they did so well, other members of the different communities across the escarpment which borders Kenya requested if we could bring more Ik young people to study with us. They are delightful kids so we happily arranged to pick up a total of 20 we are now caring for and teaching.
As the land cruisers we’d hired moved slowly down the mountain as we headed to our school, we had a very enthusiastic crowd cheering and singing.
It’s a real privilege for us to work with this very disadvantaged and forgotten tribe, the Ik. Their young people are doing so well, we’re now sponsoring the first 4 in secondary school and the ones studying in our school (some of whom are pictured here) are excelling!