End of Term 2
Awards and

Robin Yamaguchi

29 August 2015

Traditionally, the end of each term schools love to celebrate all that has been accomplished. After a series of exams, it’s always a very welcome break and reward.
This term again, we awarded children who had either excelled academically, or in their attitudes, their progress during the term,  with several books and pens each.
We choose to not only reward academics since the holistic development of the child is so important to us–plus it gives particular encouragement to those who are trying hard.
Apart from receiving Certificates of Appreciation, we also had a lot of dancing and games. Sack races were a lot of fun for the younger classes.
The group of girls below sang beautifully: thanking God for His care and committing to follow Him. Then below, Acholi dancing is always a favourite way of celebrating.