Exams, Painting and

Robin Yamaguchi

16 July 2015

Each child is giving it their best this week as we’re finishing up Mid-term exams for Term 2. Taking exams regularly helps us find which areas the children don’t understand well enough yet, and which they easily grasp. Here, our teaching staff between classes with Director Michael in the back.
Girls just about to begin their chores after class.
While exams have been continuing, the first painting has begun on our 2 latest housing units for the children. In the background you see the first with its full undercoat, ready for paint to very hopefully be donated. The building closest is being worked on as we write.
One of our two newest housing units, with the outside painting on its way. It’s so exciting for the children seeing their home and surroundings growing so steadily. We really thank God and each of you who contribute to making these miracles in the bush possible. The aggregate rock around the building is from the freshly constructed 3 new toilets, and to be stacked, ready till we receive another miracle and can make our final 2 housing buildings.