Our Graduates Off to
Top Secondary

Robin Yamaguchi

19 February 2015

We were thrilled with the results of our oldest students. Each one gave it their best (as did their teachers) and the results showed it. Ocen (left) scored the top and is about to start at Restore Academy! Richard (right) is now moving to 3rd year in high school, one of our older graduates who’s so reliable and dependable, he heads up work teams during holidays.
Gladys (left) qualified to go to a very good high school–not only academically but because her attitudes and behavior were tops! Opoko (right) is meek, helpful and always gets top grades and she too qualified to go to Restore Academy.
Ceasar (left) did so well he’s now been accepted into Restore Leadership Academy also and is set to continue on his path to a wonderful future. Fred (right) is now moving on to his third year of high school, and has grown into a responsible, helpful, intelligent young man.
Here Opoko, Ocen, Bill and Ceasar are standing outside the Restore Leadership High School in Gulu. They (and we) worked so hard to get them to this point, and now, their future is as bright as the promises of God!
We really can’t thank you enough for the gifts you send to help these kiddos. We have been instrumental in their getting the skills, confidence and training to reach secondary level, but most have no parents, others are abandoned kiddos who really have no-one … but us. Thank you for standing by them, and helping us do all we can, to help them become all they’re capable of!