Our Own Bore-Hole

Robin Yamaguchi

17 December 2017

Since we started at the school, we’ve had to put a lot of time and effort every day hauling water. We used the car for a while, then got out wonderful 3-wheel motorbike, but now, our prayers are answered and our well is just wonderful!
We had a large team from Southern Sudan sponsored by Villages of Hope who came with the full equipment and dug down 30 meters and our water spot is perfect and the water is crystal clean!
We needed to add a lot of rocks to the walls and for the cement for the pump structure so each child carried them from our building pile–each according to his/her ability. Each one took about 4 trips each. Helping build the very thing you’ve been praying for, and helping it be finished off is just exhilarating for each of our kids. Now laundry, drinking, bathing and all will be so much easier!
Boys, girls and staff take turns as we can now tap into this wonderful natural resource!