New Shed and Night
Educational Games

Robin Yamaguchi

17 December 2014

We’ve needed more housing for our building materials, so Mike and team skillfully built a really nice storage shed for our tools while we’re building permanent structures. We considered a number of building options and decided on the least expensive but most effective for the price: Bamboo!
Our students really enjoy eating their lunch and evening meal in the shade. It’s very normal to see small groups who have chosen a grassy shady spot to relax and enjoy their yummy meal.
Every evening, we have our generator on in each of the classrooms. (Solar is expensive to initially set-up although of course in the long term ideal, but for now the generator serves us well). All the classrooms are lit well and some evenings we play educational games. Here the teams are racing to pair the cards–sometimes opposites, other times rhyming words etc. It’s a big help since so many hardly spoke English when they came to be with us.
These cards above, which are arranged to form meaningful stories were donated from Australia. The kids really enjoying figuring out the correct order.
“Boggle” where you make as many words as you can in 3 minutes from the letters that appear after a shake is a really popular one.