Teachers, Pupils and

Robin Yamaguchi

2 August 2014

Term 2 is drawing to a close so we’ve been having end-of-term exams. The kids are feeling encouraged by their mid-term results and they feel they can really excel by the end of the year.
Teacher Barbara, who is our school secretary, as well as teacher for maths and science. The children love her as being a university student, she’s extremely capable of answering their most difficult questions. On the right teacher Nancy, copying the latest exam results into the record book for her class, the primary 2 class.
Our freshly painted classrooms are so bright and conducive to learning for each dear pupil. The kids have come out of such unimaginable difficulty, it’s thrilling to see them so earnest about learning and doing well.
9 of our 13 teachers. These are the wonderful folk who are helping our kids learn more every single day, who sit with them, listen to them and help them with things they don’t understand. Behind teachers James, Opio, Patrick and Douglas, and seated, teachers Barbara, Nancy, Justine, Teddy and Jacklin. We are so grateful for each one!
To keep our boarding school running like clockwork, it takes a very big non-teaching staff. Above are just a few: Our wonderful kitchen team: Onguti, Beatrice and Lily, Matron Nancy and our two armed guards who watch over us all every night.
Director Michael at the back with our Primary 7 class–our top class, preparing to face their National Exams, that will determine their next step into secondary studies. They are a wonderful team, who are already scoring well but they earnestly strive to do their best, knowing that without a chance with us, they wouldn’t have had much hope at all.