Progress, Progress,

Robin Yamaguchi

2 June 2014

We are so grateful that Sadolin Uganda so generously gave to the project of painting our school!
Our latest Administration block has rooms for the infirmary, staff room, head teachers and library. It’s already revolutionized our organization and space. We’re so grateful to for funding this building.
Our students are thrilled to be in their fresh, new classrooms — it’s a very lively start to our Term 2 of the year!
In the meantime, our maize (corn) is growing well, as is our cassava, our beans and ochra. The kiddos are so happy to have vegetables supplemented in their diets and love to help on the farm also after school.
Pictured here is Michael and our main workers on our farm. These dear mommies were mostly returnees from the rebel LRA and are very hard workers, most grateful for a chance to raise money for their children.
Teacher Jackie correcting the children’s work books–happy to be in her freshly painted classroom!
Slashing our school compound early keeps the grass neat and keeps away snakes which can be prevalent in our areas this time of year. The students get a real joy in keeping their school and home nice.
Morning assembly, where we sing the National Anthem, announcements are made and we get off to a good start to the day.
And here–what it’s all about! Each child is so special, their lives have been so very difficult but now they are beginning to blossom! — thanks to your love-in-action and prayers!