Working Together to
Make Our School

Robin Yamaguchi

9 March 2014

One thing about Acholi young people is they love work and action! It’s the end of dry season and the well we were using dried up. We have an NGO who is planning to kindly put in a borehole well shortly. But in the meantime, we haul drinking water and both the boys and girls jump at the chance to come to the nearest well and pump it together for their school!
We’re just coming to the end of the dry season. We built 2 brick kilns and we’re all working hard to build the third one just before the rains come in a few days. Thank you for praying with us the rains will delay another 5 or 6 days or so.
For just a half hour between classes, having 200 children to help makes any job easy. They love it and make it into a game.
The older boys love to turn it into a game, tossing the bricks towards the kiln. They’re surprisingly coordinated as not one dropped.
Here the bricks are being moved from where they were drying in the sun, towards the new large kiln in the foreground, to be fired by being stoked every 2 hours all night, then closed up and left to bake for almost a week. Bricks come out very professional and hard and this method is employed all across our country.
While the 200 children are busy studying, the team of 20 builders creating 4 new rooms, our wonderful cooks are feeding them all. Here is dear Lily, who just had a baby, bringing a hefty lunch for our hard-working construction team.
A happy customer, one of our construction team pausing for his lunch break.