Getting to Know a
Few More of Our

Robin Yamaguchi

17 March 2014

Dear Odong (left) is now becoming such a cheerful boy. He actually has parents–he hasn’t seen his daddy who left 13 years ago and has been in CAR (Central African Republic) as a soldier.  Since the war, his dear mom hasn’t been able to cope with caring for her children.  Odong is a very bright boy indeed.

Ocen (right) is our top boy academically. He’s so very bright, enthusiastic and friendly. He’s a real fighter as he never knew who his daddy was, and his mother, who has many children, simply can’t cope with caring for him. The big thing about Ocen is that he has sickle-cell anemia. He’s amazingly healthy so far, and we are committed to helping him get the care he needs, because without extra care, he’s destined to die early. We really want to stick with him.

Okello (left) is a hard-working boy. His parents both passed away with AIDS several years ago. His father was abducted as a child in school by the LRA. When the LRA was defeated in one situation, his dad was integrated into the army and lived till he died of sickness.

Ochaka (right) is studying in P6 and is a very bright student. His parents were assumed killed during the war as he’s never known them and the guardians haven’t seen them his whole life. He’s 14 now and is a very promising student.

Credie (left) is a beautiful, helpful, intelligent girl. She’s so positive even though she’s HIV+. She and others get their medication regularly and eat well. She’s bright and the fastest girl runner in the school. Mercy on the right was being kept at home by her guardians even though they were no relation to her. They were demanding that she help with the babies, cooking, laundry and farming. She desperately wanted to study so when we came across her, she begged to join us. We negotiated with her guardians that we’d pay for all her school fees, provide mattress, uniform, books and all and she’s now one of the tops in her class and is going to excel academically. Both girls are orphans whose young parents were killed in the Kony war.
Apio (left) is studying in P4 class. She was staying her sister and is an orphan also. Her father died in the war and her mother abandoned her when she was a very young child (probably because she was suffering from PTSD) then passed away. She’s a dear girl and tries hard.

Anesta (right) is a real success story in terms of the girl child’s opportunity. In our area the drop out rate for young girls is heartbreakingly high. Anesta had already been pushed to leave school and hadn’t studied for over a year when our school built in the area. She was so determined, she came early and just sat and begged, then once we accepted her, she came and begged with 3 of her fellow girl students who’d also been pushed to leave their studies at a young age. She and we are so happy we accepted them as she’s one of our top students, as are her 3 good friends!

Kilara (left) is a fresh young boy despite his difficult background. He’s studying well in P4 even though his mother died when he was a very young baby. His father was abducted by the LRA as a young boy, then later after some years escaped and joined the army. His father died of a heart attack a few years ago, but despite these challenges, he’s a cheerful boy.

Lucky (right) is one of the friends Anesta brought to join us. Her father has 5 wives, and she was abandoned–just helping with babies and farming to bring in money, even though she really wanted to continue her learning. She’s doing very well and is a very bright student.

We honestly can’t thank each of you enough who send gifts to our Paypal account (tabbed above). Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of these beautiful young people who were doomed to endemic poverty and in many cases, very sad lives. It’s just wonderful watching them blossom and indeed thrive as they grow more each day!