Excursion to Former
Slave Post

Robin Yamaguchi

14 October 2013

We took some of our older class on an excursion to see the famous Samuel Baker Fort. He fought against slavery and this place had been used by Arabs to hold and even kill slaves.
Here you see our kids and teacher Douglas (rt) in his house, and the bedroom is behind. The original was made of stacked stones, on a high rock formation that gives a safe view of all the surrounding area.
Our guide demonstrated how ‘disobedient’ slaves were killed (you can still see the axe marks) and their bodies were then rolled down to the many many lions that were at the bottom of  the rock outpost.
Our Primary Seven students are in the outside of what was the holding cell for women prisoners. It goes deep in under the rocks and the women were sadly kept there. Almost none dared escape because of the large numbers of lions and hyena surrounding the place.
It’s so interesting seeing the natural rock structures. It certainly made us thankful and happy that those horrible days of history have passed!