Our Nursery Starting
to be Transplanted

Robin Yamaguchi

19 August 2013

A couple glimpses of some of our nursery beds.
After school most afternoons, a class at a time cross the road to our farm, to help in weeding, transplanting the nursery and digging. Our kids are used to farming and are getting  better every week.
Our hard-working farm team, with the School Director, Michael in red.
This group of boys and girls on their way back to the school after working on the farm for a couple hours clearly show how, rather than being exhausted from the not-so-easy work, are exhilarated–working with friends to plant their own food!
Our nursery beds are quite extensive and transplanting has been on-going for a few weeks. Cabbages are settled in their new environment, and the onions, carrots (under mulch) and tomatoes are moving forward. The girls above and teacher Douglas in the rear, are just about to cross the creek in the middle of our farm, to return to the school across the road to bathe and get ready for dinner.