A Few of Our
Beautiful Children

Robin Yamaguchi

29 June 2013

Credie is a beautiful young girl, who is excellent in speaking English, and is a happy, considerate child. Her father had been a child soldier, abducted from school during the Kony war and both her parents died during the war. She’s HIV+ and gets her medication regularly and is a classic example of what we call such children–Positive Living Children.
Mercy only joined us recently. We’d heard of her having to work at home all the time when she was just longing to study. She’s a full orphan and was being taken care of by some non-related step parents so when we agreed to bring her into our  boarding school, and care for her uniforms, books and all, she felt it was a dream come true. She’s an excellent student and has been doing very well in her exams. Another victory in the fight for the girl child in this country!