Building, Step by Step
Robin Yamaguchi
2 April 2013
From an open cleared part of land only weeks ago, it’s thrilling seeing the buildings form!
Now our first building of 3 classrooms has been plastered, and the second one is being finished inside. Our neighbours are so happy to have all this income opportunity!
It’s been a tremendous cost-saver building yet 2 more kilns to make bricks on our own land from our own soil which just happens to be perfect.
Our local housing is progressing steadily too. You can see the meticulous care that goes into these inexpensive houses. The palm for the roof work is very artistically woven together as a base for the grass.
Certain types of palm and very durable grasses are chosen for the careful weaving, special logs are chosen to form the top circular point. It’s fascinating and a real art-form.
Some of the local housing beside the classrooms–with Africa’s stormy sky coming in for the evening.