Foundations and Walls of 9 New Classrooms
Robin Yamaguchi
19 March 2013
We are so excited seeing truck load after truck load of sand, aggregate rock, bricks, roofing and wood and all come rolling into our site many times a  day — resulting in the foundations and walls for 9 classrooms being almost finished!
The timing for our building is just perfect–dry season! At the rate we’re going, we’ll be finished all the classrooms’ roofing, wall plastering and hopefully painting before the rains!
Here is our kiln. It’s built in such a way it gets extremely hot, and takes over a week to cool! All bricks are made this way country-wide apart from the few professional companies in the Capital. The good bricks are stacked, and those that are less than ideal, are perfect for the ledge around the edge of each classroom to protect from flooding. You can only fire bricks in the dry season here, so we’ve been buying most but have also made many ourselves which has been very economical.
The rough base for the first block of 3 classrooms. The roofing frame is now being constructed and windows and doors next, followed by wall plastering, and the outside ridge/verandah to follow.
Roofing frame for the first block of 3 classrooms. We’re working at full pace with a very big team–some trucking in materials, the large construction team working on all 3 blocks at once, the water and brick people busy carrying and making many loads each day, and the cook preparing meals for 40+ people daily.
Rajan helping and learning about securing the roofing beams. The building methods we’re using are the same as the Government schools in our area. It’s going to look nice! We can’t wait to see the looks on the kiddos’ faces when they move in, Lord willing in about 2 more weeks!
Putting in the roof frame before securing it and below, constructing the local houses for our teaching staff and ourselves.
It’s simply amazing — a miracle, that we’re seeing God raise up something from nothing in such a short space of time. Thank you for your prayers and being a part of this dream-come-true for these extremely disadvantaged children of the Kony war!