Clearing and Building
Robin Yamaguchi
1 March 2013
What an exciting start to the new year. Below you can see a corner of the 3 acres for our school cleared, right opposite our farm.
First loads of sand and rocks for which we got at extra good prices. God is good, the trucks and supplies just happened to be close by.
Our wonderful water and bricks team. Here young people carry water and make bricks regularly, but they are so happy working with us as we pay them and it’s going towards their school fees and uniforms.
We are using local bricks for the local style housing for the teachers and some initial housing for kiddos till we build the permanent ones, but buy the bricks for the classrooms.
Our first 3 classrooms–foundation done, ready for roofing and finishing. The second block of 3 is almost at the same height now too!