Heart Felt Christmas Gifts
Robin Yamaguchi
26 December 2012
We’d wondered about getting normal presents for our orphans but so many protested & explained that by the time they reached home, they would be stolen–either by relatives, or others who live near by. When we asked them what they’d most like they all shouted … MEAT! So we have bought gifts for the kids are are holding them safely till we move to our new place where no thieves can swipe them! In the meantime, we had a great party!!
So we had a wonderful party, with dancing, music, sodas and 7 goats! The kids were flipped out as it was so special!
One of the most beautiful elements to this story is 2 families, with young children were one of the key elements in this. This is a Facebook note from Aunty Jamah of one of the givers, 8 year old, Ashley Mendoza. “This year my 8 year old cousin saved up all of her money. She made crafts and sold them, she asked to clean and help with chores all to raise enough money to buy herself a Kindle Fire. She worked her little butt off. Then she found out that an orphanage in Africa went each year without presents, it made her really sad. So, she donated all of her hard earned money so they could each get a gift. It touched us all so much, we bought her a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the look on her face!”
It’s that beautiful Love in Action from her dear parents, Ruben and Jenna, and Sam and Maria Doehler and their beautiful children, that have impacted our dear kids this Christmas in such a beautiful way! Thank you and our prayers are that the Lord  blesses you mightily in return!
And heart-felt thanks to each of you who gave kindly so that the kids could not only have a special Christmas, but that their New Year is going to be another step towards them being able to finally become all they have the potential to become!