Volunteers Bring Skills and Fun!!
Robin Yamaguchi
3 November 2012
We met Hayley when we were in Jinja, whitewater rafting. She’s a Social Work from Australia and soo much fun. Well, after doing volunteer work at a larger NGO here, she and 2 friends came to be with our kids last week and it was wonderful!
Nicola joined us and used so many media to help the kids learn alternate art expressions. Above Hayley is being a live model, and here the children took turns and had to portray what they saw by different means.
Nicola explains how to portray what the children are seeing by shading the area behind the body, rather than always using lines.
Hayley happy about the results and encouraging our student. The kids’ self-confidence in art greatly improved in a brief time with Nicola’s skilled teaching.
In the meantime, Anthea has been teaching small groups to help strengthen their English, which has been a huge help.
Anthea teaching nouns, verbs and adjectives and below, reading to the youngest.
In addition to a variety of wonderful art classes, and the reading and English classes,  we were also treated to tremendous dance classes from Arafat, who has traveled Europe working with young people. Here you see our neighbouring school all came out as an audience during  break, as the dancing and drum rhythms were so catchy. Such an encouragement to our kids!
Hayley and all the students following Arafat’s clear steps. He taught each of our classes, and they were thrilled!
Even our P7 class, who are just about to leave to sit their final exams, were thrilled to have a fresh break. Above Fred, one of our best boys academically, tries his turn with Arafat close by to encourage and lead.
We held a party for our P7 students right before their exams this coming Monday and Tuesday (that’s the tradition here rather than afterwards) and they were thrilled to have Hayley, Nicola, Arafat and Anthea there to help it be special.
Below, some of our teachers and our  wonderful volunteers. Teachers and Volunteers, from Back row: Richard, Anthea, Nicola, Michael, Jennifer, Douglas, Mary-Middle row: Jennifer, Hayley and Dorine, and front: Arafat and Boniface. So happy to work together to enhance the experiences of these dear orphans.