Showed Beautiful Jesus Movie for Easter
Robin Yamaguchi
20 April 2012
Since there’s no electricity in the area where our farm is, getting a chance to see a movie is a rare treat.
Rajan set up the screen, and since our audio is strong, hundreds of people can easily sit/stand each side of the screen & see it from far back.
The movie we showed this time in a couple places was the Jesus 2000 video–edited to take out modern distractions. The character of Jesus is so warm and kind, and we felt that was very needed in our area in particularly at this special time at Easter.
People were thrilled because our colleague from our school, Lawrence, did an excellent running translation into Acholi. People cheered at miracles & were so thrilled when Jesus rose from the dead. It was quite moving. The coolest thing was praying with people, not only to be filled with the Lord’s Spirit, but to receive His spirit of Forgiveness for each other, because they’d all suffered so much from the war instigated by Kony–either having been abducted or stuck in refugee IDP camps for years. He has a whole new start for everyone!
Seeing the power of movies, made us wonder about how to get a projector/generator set up of our own, because there is no limit to what we could teach via a medium of this type.