Blackboards, Sanding Desks and Dancing!
Robin Yamaguchi
4 December 2011
It’s exciting working together with the orphans to improve their school! They just finished end of year exams, so now we were free to paint all the black boards.
Anisa & Sean teaching with a gorgeous new blackboard in the background.
It’s so nice for the kids to hear Character Building stories after their hard work during the exams last week. Here Sean & Deedz take time with each one, helping them understand these beautiful stories.
The last week of the term we used for improvements. Here the children are sanding their desks  so they look nice & fresh when they come back to school.
The end of term allows some opportunity to relax and enjoy things together. Here Sean is playing drums with the boys, between practice for the girls’ dances.
Michael and Robin counseling about the next step for our P7 students