We’ve Just Been Given a School Building to Use!!!
Robin Yamaguchi
8 August 2011
Time to roll up our sleeves & get scrubbing, cementing and painting!! Yay! During the time we’re seeking donor fundingĀ  to build the brand new classrooms, houses for the orphans and staff on our land in Gulu, and establishing the farm to support it all, we had been asked to take on considerably more needy children, above the initial 160 orphans we had taken on to care for. The catch was, the premises we were temporarily schooling them in was beginning to become inadequate.

Well, God is always in control, and this last week, we were just GIVEN this school below to use until ourĀ  buildings are ready for the orphans to shift to.

It has 6 large classrooms, office and teachers’ facilities, is airy & spacious & just needs a mighty scrub, cementing and painting. It’s a win-win situation for us all. We are so excited to get going and if anyone could chip in with something towards the plastering and paint, we’d be most grateful, and it’ll be a long-term help to the disadvantaged children and orphans in the area for years to come.
Our first job this weekend is to repair the cemented floors, touch up the walls prior to painting and to paint the blackboards.
The beautiful, fresh, clean play ground for the children! And a clear picture, with one of the buildings in the background, how we need to really have our sleeves rolled up over the next couple months! Thanks so much for your prayers for our efforts & if you could help in any way towards a few cement bags or 20lt jerry cans of paint, we’d be so very grateful!