Seedlings of the Future
Robin Yamaguchi
9 April 2011
It’s been exciting to see the cabbage seeds taking root. We’re establishing them as the first crop towards full self-sustainability of the orphan project–including the children’s school and housing.
We are planting the initial nursery beds in local Gulu style, as it’s less expensive till we establish the proper nursery. Water is poured gently on the banana leaves and it provides shade and a steady trickle of water to the seedlings.


Cabbage seedlings flourishing in their shady spot.
Initial clearing of the land–just for the nurseries before we tackle the main clearing job of the whole 20 acres soon.
These young men are very happy to have a chance to earn some good money clearing the land. Establishing things from scratch takes patience, especially in Africa, but having such a lively, energetic team makes a big difference.