More Photos of Gulu Orphans
Robin Yamaguchi
22 April 2011
Gloria (11) had her daddy killed by Rebels and her mommy died of AIDS. She’s very clever and self disciplined. She helps care for younger children of her aunty’s family who’s struggling to raise them all–they share clothes and shoes. Fiona (12),¬† had both her parents abducted by the Rebels. Her daddy was killed and her mommy is still in the bush with them. She really wants to study well.
Fred is the head boy at the school (12), whose father was burnt alive in a hut by the rebels. His mother has many other kiddos & he works hard after school–laying bricks, carrying 20lt water jerry cans to raise money to help mom. Excellent student. Katy (13) had her mommy & father killed in the Congo where she’s from. A Ugandan soldier saw her running & screaming & brought her to Gulu, added her to his family but he’s passed away with AIDS. She is usually extremely quiet & sad. Please pray for her. Pictured with teacher Sarah who has a special love for these dear children.
Esther, 11, whose dad the Rebels killed in a terrible way because he sold pigs, she’s staying with her elderly grandma. Andrew’s (10) parents were also killed during the war by the Rebels. Both children are very well mannered¬†and earnest students.
Peace (13) lost both her parents to the Rebels during the war. She’s staying with her grandma along with the other 4 children of her family, clever, polite & a good student. Prisca (13) had her father killed in the war and she helps her unwell HIV+ mommy care for the 4 other children, also quiet and polite always.