Seminar for Teachers — Learning to Teach Effectively
Robin Yamaguchi
1 February 2011
Angelique Legnell and Robin spent time with the teachers, who have been just wonderful, volunteering their time for very little salaries. Some of the new materials we’ve had donated, are going to be just tremendous in helping young ones to learn to read.
Angelique with a few of the dedicated teachers during the seminar.

The children are not used to even hearing English, so having examinations from P3 (third year of primary) in English is a huge challenge. Given the fact that many of these children have come from very difficult backgrounds, many having seen violence or their parents killed etc, means the teachers have an extra challenging job.

Angelique explaining and demonstrating how to use the Character Building Curriculum, as well as the Reading Programs donated by Activated Ministries. Once put into effect, these books will have a tremendous impact on the childrens academic and personal growth.