Large Donation from Activated Ministries
Robin Yamaguchi
1 February 2011
The children were in awe, as they saw box after box being unloaded–all brand new, gorgeously coloured books and programs for them to relish over the years to come! Activated Ministries generously shipped these wonderful books and they are going to not only be the foundation of helping many of the children to effectively read, but also enhance their character development.
The first time for most of these children to see such beautiful, colourful books.
The school has had a very limited number of decent books till this time, so this donation has come as being a tremendous boost when it was most needed.
Our students oversee and arrange the payment for local young people who love to have the opportunity to raise their school fees. We only make bricks during the dry season, but it’s convenient since this is the very time schools across the country have their annual holidays. It’s perfectly times for the school and our Community young people so we can start the year with a bang.