Earlier work in Gulu–on the IDP camps
Robin Yamaguchi
24 January 2011
Before getting land in Gulu, we sent literally tons of aid, in the form of clothing, shoes and food towards the care of many orphans–mostly from Kora Abili and Cwero IDP camps. Pictured here, Tina Kapp, giving lively action songs and Bible stories-in-action to children at both camps.
These IDP camps, were for Internally Displaced Persons, and were the main abode for over 1.5million refugee Ugandans during the terrible war that raged the North of the country for just over 20 years.
Hoisting large screens high in the trees enabled literally thousands of people to sit on the grass both sides of the screen & hear the movies of Jesus translated into Acholi loud & clearly. People reacted marvelously when miracles happened and especially when Jesus rose from the dead!
Throughout that 20 years of vicious war, young people were abducted from upper primary and secondary schools, and forced to either join in committing some of the worst of atrocities, or suffer being maimed themselves. People could no longer sleep in their villages, for fear that the LRA (the Lord’s Resistance Army) would come in and rape, pillage, burn and destroy them or their loved ones. Children often walked up to 17km a day to¬† sleep under the verandas in Gulu town, to be safer from the rebels. During the 19 years of war, over 20,000 were killed and lives of all the Acholi and other Northern people profoundly impacted. The children we are now helping in the schooling of, were the babies born to the child soldiers during this war.


A few of the children in Kora Abili IDP camp, eager to see the child-focused video stories of Jesus and His love for them.
To be able to go onto these camps before the war was over, we would check with the military security officials, and could never travel at night. Being able to bring Bible stories in action, and beautiful movies about Jesus to literally thousands, (all translated into Acholi live), was such a special time and we believe strengthened many in knowing the Lord was indeed with them, even though life was so very difficult.


Joanna Daniels bringing donated soccer balls which were enthusiastically received. Inset–a photo of the types of home-made balls usually used, when no real ones are around.
Our earlier efforts and trips to Gulu cemented in our hearts the profound need for a more long-term self-sustainable solution, which is what led us to our present project of the Family Care Village which we are working on right now.