Thank You for Helping Meet the Immediate Needs for the our School in Gulu

Presently schooled in a large temporary building in a former Refugee camp in Gulu, until the buildings and full farm project on Family Care Uganda land, in Gulu district are completed.

Gloria’s young class, eager to see if they got the answer right.

In order to make the School self-sustaining, Family Care Uganda is setting up an income generational mixed farm that will cover all the expenses of the school. We are estimating however, that it will take up two to three years before the farm is producing enough income to fully support the school. In order to keep the school running in the meantime we are looking for sponsors. We are most grateful for your consideration to contribute to one or some of the following by the first term beginning in 2011: Every shilling, penny, pound,  yen, rupee, peso, dollar & cent helps!!


  • Salary for one teacher for the whole year — $540
  • The second Teachers’ Curriculum Schedule book — $9
  • Examination papers for term 1 — $158
  • Chalk boards for each classroom: 80,000 x7 — $252
  • Teachers’ Counter-book Lesson planning scheme books x7 — $31
  • Table for each teacher—simple one each for the classroom x7 — $180


  • Food for first term: 40kg maize flour a day, for porridge — $900
  • Badges for uniforms for 40 children — $90


  • 2 very large, strong cooking pots for daily lunch for 160 — $99
  • Cups for 160 children — $86


  • Sweaters for 160 children – 8,000UGX each — $540
  • Uniforms for 45 children — $304
  • Shoes for 45 children — $304

Thank you so much for considering these genuine needs of these dear kids. If you’re not able to help right now, please shoot up a few prayers that God will supply. We know prayer works!! Thanks so much!

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One Response to Thank You for Helping Meet the Immediate Needs for the our School in Gulu

  1. Renee says:

    I believe in you. I’ve known you for a long time or maybe not in person for very long but in reading, e-mail & computer. (I lived with you for a short time in Hong Kong, the one who blew out the electronic computer, do you remember)? You are a “real” & wonderful missionary. I pray that I can send my kids to help you one summer. Yes, I will help so how do I send money. What is the number that I need to send a regular gift to you. Let me know.
    Keep up the great work you all are doing. Love, Renee

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