Our Secondary
Student Work Force

Robin Yamaguchi

12 July 2017

We are now fully supporting 34 in their further studies after they leave our school. Many graduates, when their uncles see what great results they got in the National PLE exam, begin to study at secondary schools across the country. Some though, have no means of finding the funds it takes to study above Primary level, so we sponsor them in some of Gulu’s top schools that provide accommodation.
So that they’re not simply existing on Donor Funding, each of these wonderful graduates returns to our school during term and end-of-year holidays and they help on the farm, coaching other students and helping with our brick building.
Gladys carrying bricks that have been fired to the new store rooms we are building.
Working in teamwork with your long-term friends can actually be fun. Teams work early in the morning and later afternoon, and study in the cool during the hottest part of the day.
Our students oversee and arrange the payment for local young people who love to have the opportunity to raise their school fees. We only make bricks during the dry season, but it’s convenient since this is the very time schools across the country have their annual holidays. It’s perfectly times for the school and our Community young people so we can start the year with a bang.