Our Ik Tribe Pupils
and Students

13 July 2017

At the beginning of each Term holiday and at the end of the year, we rent a bus to take the 36 Ik Community young people back to their mountains, their culture and their unique language.

Mamas sang and danced because they are so thrilled their children can get such an opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their community.

A few of our secondary students, happy to be together again with their family and community before school term resumes.

Ik children sitting outside one of their kraals, with the mountains going back down into Kidepo and Uganda behind. Kenya is immediately behind the photographer, as they live on the escarpment.

Young Ik boys with their slingshot, hoping to catch a bird they can share for their dinner meal with their families. Hunger is a huge challenge as so often efforts to grow crops are spoiled by cattle grazers bringing their cows through the freshly growing crops planted by the Ik people.

Waving goodbye to their brothers and sisters as they head back down the mountains to our school, north of Gulu some 360km away, and the secondary schools our NGO is sponsoring them in.

The route up the mountains is fun for the land cruiser, but can be a bit challenging for the bus, especially in rainy season. It’s so worth it though because these young people would simply not have even remotely the opportunity they are having with us. One Ik boy was 4th in Gulu district in his National exams last year and they are are studying so earnestly.

Some of the beautiful family members of one of our students who is now is S3 in secondary school.

A few of our 36 wonderful Ik young people we are schooling. Each one worth every shilling of investment and hour of love-in-action!