Our Graduates
Excelling in
Secondary Schools

Robin Yamaguchi

6 March 2017

Since our school covers Primary/Elementary classes only, we bring in some of the most disadvantaged children, many of whom not only don’t speak English, but have almost zero experience at personal care, such as brushing teeth (with a brush and paste instead of a stick!) or laundry (if they’ve come from the top of our mountain where water is very scarce). Now they are radiant and getting top grades in some of Gulu’s finest secondary schools!
If you talk with these amazing young people (and we are now fully supporting 29 covering all their living and academic expenses) you will learn that they are determined to pass on the opportunities they have had. They say the best investment in the future is to give education to the youth. We believe that and these young people are becoming a total proof of the pudding! Below some of our graduates now studying S3 level at Restore Leadership High School.
Each one has a powerful story to tell, but suffice it to say–we’ll let their photos do the talking! THANK YOU for helping us help such incredible young people, who are determined to Pass it Forward, and use what they are learning–to help others!