Building-Third Home
for Children and
Storage Rooms

Robin Yamaguchi

8 November 2017

It’s been exceptionally busy of late. We received a most generous donation from Nos Vies a Partage Foundation and it’s enabled us to almost finish the third home for children.



When the donation arrived, the building had been started, no windows or doors, no roof, no finalizing of the walls etc. Then below, when the donation arrived, we got to work immediately.
Now the main part of the construction is finished and the undercoat painting has began. The students are so excited about being able to move into their new home soon.
It’s been so exciting seeing it being built to the point where it’s a real home to some of our dear boys. They love it!
As soon as the funds came in, we began working on the store section on the right.
Here you can see each of the storage rooms, left for all our main food storage, center for maize and such, and right for chemicals and farm items.
The timing of this donation is absolutely perfect. We are about to harvest the maize in the next 2-3 weeks and it’s the first time we’ve needed storage of this size–exactly when we were able to build it. God is good! Plus you’ll see, now the storage rooms are completed, we have begun a more permanent kitchen which will be very airy and fresh for our cooks.
In addition to finishing the third home for children, and building far better storage facilities, we have been busy constructing new roofing for the staff houses.



Here you can see the bundles of special roofing grass that is piled, ready to replace the existing roofing.
Thatching the roofing is a difficult job to ensure structural integrity, and make sure it’s completely waterproof and all takes a real team effort.
The finished roof is just a work of art–warm in cooler nights, cool in the hot sun, unusually quiet when it rains. This design has been effective for thousands of years.