Character Building Workshop for 60 Teachers

Robin Yamaguchi

29 March 2011

The Inspector of Schools in Gulu had seen some of the particularly good materials we have provided to the school, and asked if there could be some way these might be able to be made available for other schools in the area.

Fortunately, Activated Ministries had donated a significant number for us to use in Gulu. So we held a Workshop for 60 teachers from 20 of the most needy schools in the Gulu area. This proved to be a terrific time together, as they face considerable challenges in their job & to have materials readily at hand, that help with issues such as: Honesty, Anger management, Perseverance, Overcoming Difficulties etc. is going to be a huge help. (See link on The STEPS Program on right for details).

Robin giving a set to each school–complete with 20 books, CD & Teacher’s guide. Below, teachers at the end of the workshop with Sean & Anisa.

Anisa had edited a very trimmed down version of the excellent movie “The Ron Clark Story”. His impressive striving to ensure that each of his students who had come from the most challenging of backgrounds, actually achieved their highest potential, was very relatable and motivating for all. The teachers who work with young children (Kindergarten through 3rd grade primary) all enjoyed the lively music and art suggestions, to help the children remember the lessons in the Africanized stories.

Below, Anisa giving ideas on one of the stories that addresses selfishness.

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