The STEPS Character Building Curriculum
Robin Yamaguchi
16 January 2011
A life-skillsĀ curriculum
The STEPS program is a comprehensive character- and values-building curriculum covering 40 different study topics for ages 4 to 12. The program is made up of two one-year curricula: the Foundations of Faith and Character Building series. Each series includes 20 Student Books, a program Handbook and a Sing Along audio CD, containing the songs included in the series. Numerous supplementary materials are also available to enhance the program.
Gulu orphans, grateful to be given these amazing stories.
The STEPS program is the result of the dedicated efforts of volunteer missionaries who, through working with officials, teachers, parents, caregivers and children in Sierra Leone and Uganda, identified the desperate need for a Christian and character building curriculum.
In the STEPS program, meaningful and interesting stories set the stage for reflection and group discussion on the study topic.
Large picture pages illustrate the lesson, providing great colouring opportunities and bring each story to life. Study aids and supplementary materials include activity pages, project guides, interactive games, drama, songs and more!
Celly Kamoi and Tina Kapp presenting former child soldiers at HEALS these awesome Character Building materials. Jolly of Invisible Children also pictured. For details or to obtain sets of this incredible Character Building Curriculum, please see