Katakwi Flood Relief
Robin Yamaguchi
29 November 2010
When the floods struck in the north east of our country, hundreds of thousands of people were stranded, with zero access to food, roads or hope.

We were contacted by the Ramadan Association from Kisekka Mosque and they gave us 3 million shillings to aid the needy. We arranged a large truck, bought 3 tons of maize flour & beans, plus 50 rounds of malaria medicine, stretching the money as far as we could.

Vast expanse of water we needed to navigate.
Machi Farooqui tying, packing and organizing donations.
We had already collected 3 tons of brand new warm jackets, shirts, trousers & children’s clothes donated by Amrat Ltd. along with several other individuals who were touched by the reality of the need of so many. The Ministry of Disaster Preparedness supplied a truck for us to carry the tons of donations, and traveled with the truck to Soroti.
We’d previously arranged with the Minister of Disaster Preparedness to airlift the goods by military helicopter to the isolated camp, once we’d reached Soroti, the nearest city, but the President arrived just an hour before we did, requiring the helicopter for further research. Thankfully, God, as always was in control. We tried UN helicopters (they would have happily helped but the two units they had been using were desperately needed back in Southern Sudan where they’d been on loan from. After trying many possible ways to cross the vast expanses of water with these tons of donated items, we finally found an amazing local boat, which had an exceptionally deep hull. Despite all logic and appearances, it miraculously fitted all 6+ tons in it, and took the goods through the floods to the other side. The LC5 had kindly loaned the area tip-truck to load up the donated items from the boat, to take them all the way into the Ngariam camp.
The very deep hulled boat that incredibly fitted all the tons of food and clothing we’d carried in the 10 ton truck. This was moments before we hopped on ourselves to set across the vast expanse to reach the stranded people there in Katakwi.
The tons of brand new clothes and food were transferred to the Local District Counselor’s large tip truck which we traveled with to bring the relief the last leg of the journey.
People were touched having received nothing since the heavy floods had hit them many weeks before, because now they knew, they had not been forgotten nor stranded!
This type of project is a thrill to be a part of. With generous and concerned donors, and God leading the way step by step, we have the most fun part in the whole picture, as we get to see the looks on the faces of those receiving the donations.