Excursion to the

Robin Yamaguchi

9 December 2014

None of the orphans and vulnerable children in our school have ever traveled out of Gulu town, and some have never even been out of the deepest village. We’d wanted for some time to be able to broaden their experiences and help them experience things other than the local norm: girls getting pregnant in early teens, and boys heading to endemic poverty from an early age. Most had never seen running tap water, a lake or high buildings.
We wanted our children who’d come from such pain and difficult backgrounds from the Kony war to learn that they’re living in 2014, and to get a glimpse of what that means: that there are limitless options for their life-choices!
Here you see the perfect bus we rented with the help of kind donors!
In our land-locked country, and specifically in Gulu, almost no child had seen a body of water greater than 3 or 4 meters across. They thoroughly enjoyed this chance to dive into Lake Victoria and enjoy it! Girls in our area in the deep villages can even risk being accosted if they tried to ‘swim’ in the tiny creeks, so most had never gone deeper than knee deep!
Each student took clear notes throughout their excursion, to prepare for a full presentation upon their return. Here , they’re at the Wild Life Center in Entebbe.
The Airport was very eye-opening. Learning of careers in aviation, seeing commercial, military and small planes take off and land was exhilarating for our kids who were filled with wonder and curiosity!
The wonderful Let’s Go Travel team sponsored a wonderful meal plus fuel for our bus!!
Doctors and nurses at the International Hospital of Kampala were phenomenal. As a result of their wonderfully explained tour, 3 of our young people, who had never seen such a clean, organized hospital in their lives, decided to commit to the medical profession!
Our pupils visited Mulago hospital, the Museum and here, Makerere university, where our school Director, Michael, a graduate, shows them the campus and possibilities if they study there.
One of the hilights of the entire 4 days excursion, was a life-changing boat ride–a first for everyone–on safari down the river Nile. Our P7 pupils above seen with teacher James and Director Michael.
Teachers Douglas and Opio on the ferry, with Murchison Falls in the background!
Bill exuding joy, enthusiasm and a life-changed because of this incredibly rich opportunity!