Glimpses Of Life At School

Now that we have so many boarding, it’s been exciting for the kids to have friends at all times, and to learn to take responsibility in many areas. Below, laundry time.

Jobs become fun when they’re done together. Below boys and girls hauling a tree that had so many prickles, it’d punctured 2 footballs (which ¬†fortunately were able to be fixed).

Every afternoon, after solid studying, it’s time for play, work and showers before dinner.

Football, frisbee and skipping are the latest favourites.

Robin and Santa who we invited to join us living at school. She’s a dear friend and neighbour we’d known well for a long time. Her husband was a soldier and passed away of AIDS. Santa had been extremely weak, only crawling, but in the few weeks she’s been with us, the company, good food and family atmosphere have been contributing to her becoming much stronger. She’s well educated and is able to help the children with reading English, which is a genuine need. Another classic case of Positive Living!

Potatoes thriving and portending to become a wonderful variety in the children’s diet.

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